‘Sleeping Pedlar’ now available

SP Cover Digipac PosterMy debut album ‘Sleeping Pedlar’ is now available as a CD and to download.

In the book, The Jews-Harp in Britain and Ireland, published by Ashgate Publishing in November, 2015, I looked at the cultural history of this underrated musical instrument, showing, in fact, that the jews-harp has as interesting a history as any other.

Sleeping Pedlar explores its musicality.

Using the melodic, atmospheric and rhythmic qualities of the jews-harp, Sleeping Pedlar is a collection of songs and tunes that use these qualities as and when needed – just as you would use any musical instrument.  What was important was to consider a particular story to be told and to use the jews-harp appropriately to complement that story in a fitting manner. Using both studio and home recordings, there are fifteen tracks that explore some of the possibilities.

‘Sleeping Pedlar’ is available at:
Sound for Health: https://www.soundforhealth.com/products/sleeping-pedlar-michael-wright-cd 
Digital download: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sleeping-pedlar/id1246726080 
For further information contact:
Michael Wright
Email: inchwormrecordingatgmail.com


The Jews-Harp in Britain and Ireland is published

The jews-harp is a distinctive musical instrument of international importance, yet it remains one of those musical instruments, like the ocarina, kazoo or even the art of whistling, that travels beneath the established musical radar. The story of the jews-harp is also part of our musical culture, though it has attracted relatively little academic study. Britain and Ireland played a significant role in the instrument’s manufacture and world distribution, particularly during the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries. Drawing upon previously unknown written sources and piecing together thousands of fragments of information spanning hundreds of years, Michael Wright tells the story of the jews-harp’s long history in the Britain and Ireland. Beginning with an introductory chapter describing the instrument, Part One looks at the various theories of its ancient origin, how it came to be in Europe, terminology, and its English name. Part Two explores its commercial exploitation and the importance of the export market in the development of manufacturing. Part Three looks the instrument’s appearance and use in art, literature and the media, finally considering the many players who have used the instrument throughout its long history. For further information click here.

Michael Wright becomes Editor of the Journal of the International Jew’s Harp Society

Journal 6 of the IJHS can now be accessed free by members of the IJHS. Topics are many and varied from new discoveries to analysis of archive photographs and collections. There is an exciting article on the discoveries of new types and makers, regional updates from Canada and Norway, eccentric playing options, an interview with John Wright and the second part of an article on the Jew’s Harp in the Law, first published in the Folk Music Journal. Finally, there is an English translation by the Assistant Editor, Harm Linsen of the full authoritative article by Jaap Ypey on the Mondharpen. When you add a Book Review section and a poem or two… or three, there is something for everyone interested in the jews-harp. To become a member of the Society and get access to the Journal, click here.

Michael Wright features on Mercury Prize Nomination

Michael Wright is a featured musician on Sam Lee’s ‘Ground of His Own,’ nominated for the 2014 Mercury Prize. He can be heard playing on ‘Jew’s Garden,’ ‘George Collins’ and ‘Wild Wood Amber’, which was also nominated for Best Track at the BBC Folk Awards.

Tribute to John Wright (1939-2013)

John Wright died suddenly on 4 September 2013. Not only was he a jews-harp player with an international reputation, but highly respected for his study of the organology of the instrument. Widely praised for his seminal work ‘Les Guimbardes’ for the Musee de l’Homme, Paris, his understanding of the acoustic possibilities of the jews-harp inspired many of the young players around the world who have taken up the instrument. He also taught my brother, David, and myself how to play and was a constant supporter of our various efforts. As the Wright Family, which also included David’s daughter, Lucy, we performed rarely, but it was always special. John was also an important source in helping me understand the demise of jews-harp making industry in Britain, having met with the last maker. He was my brother, my friend and my colleague.

John Wright Obituary – The Guardian

Tennessee TV Appearance

Last month while meeting with members of the family of an old-timer ‘juice harp’ player from Knoxville, who sadly died in January, I was asked to perform on the local cable television country music show. This was the highlight of a wild 36 hours visiting the Museum of Appalachia, Knoxville and the Ciderville Music Store. So sit back and enjoy the snippets from the Ciderville Home Farm Show which start around 01.oo.oo:

…and if you do make sure you see the chicken man at 01.10.00.

Michael Wright is Elected Vice-President of IJHS

Michael Wright was elected as Vice-President of the International Jew’s Harp Society at the Yakutsk Congress, with the renit to creat a working team to develop the Society’s future. “It’s quite a challenge,” said Michael, ” but I am confident that with the enthusiasm and commitment I have come across these past days, we can achieve much in the next two years.”