The Jew’s harp making capital of the world


Throughout the nineteenth and for first half of the twentieth century, the region encompassed by Dudley, Rowley Regis and north & west Birmingham can rightly be described as the Jew’s harp making capital of the world. In an article to be published shortly by the Journal of the International Jew’s Harp Society, Michael Wright provides an overview of what we know of the makers of the 19th century, including previously unpublished photographs and references to around 70 makers and manufacturers. The Barnsley, Troman and Jones families all feature, along with many of the other children, teenage girls, young men and octogenarians who produced masses of instruments, many of which were destined for export throughout the world.


One response to “The Jew’s harp making capital of the world

  1. I have researched my Troman family tree back to 1669 in Rowley Village and would be interested in any progress you have made on this article and would love to see any photographs you have that relate to it. My family were all Jew Harp makers from 1669 until I think the late 1800s, and Derek Troman was a distant relative of mine, being married to my aunt at the time of writing his thesis on the jews harp in 1953. I hope very much to hear from you, regards, Kate Watson

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