‘Sleeping Pedlar’ now available

SP Cover Digipac PosterMy debut album ‘Sleeping Pedlar’ is now available as a CD and to download.

In the book, The Jews-Harp in Britain and Ireland, published by Ashgate Publishing in November, 2015, I looked at the cultural history of this underrated musical instrument, showing, in fact, that the jews-harp has as interesting a history as any other.

Sleeping Pedlar explores its musicality.

Using the melodic, atmospheric and rhythmic qualities of the jews-harp, Sleeping Pedlar is a collection of songs and tunes that use these qualities as and when needed – just as you would use any musical instrument.  What was important was to consider a particular story to be told and to use the jews-harp appropriately to complement that story in a fitting manner. Using both studio and home recordings, there are fifteen tracks that explore some of the possibilities.

‘Sleeping Pedlar’ is available at:
Sound for Health: https://www.soundforhealth.com/products/sleeping-pedlar-michael-wright-cd 
Digital download: https://itunes.apple.com/gb/album/sleeping-pedlar/id1246726080 
For further information contact:
Michael Wright
Email: inchwormrecordingatgmail.com


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