Michael Wright
77 Beech Road
OX33 1UD
++44 (0) 1865 872161


3 responses to “Contact

  1. Hi there Michael, not sure if you remember me but I contacted a couple of years back about Jews Harps. I would be interested in any meetups/events in the South of England as I am based in Kent. Do you have a mailing list I can join?

  2. Hello Michael,my name is Sasha.i playing mouth harp for many years,and now i started to perfome with it ,combined with electronic music.but i have a big problem,my mic. during the performance makes a lot of feedback..
    and it’s not because of usual reasons like the microphone very close to speakers,
    so maybe you have some suggestions how to setup the mouth harp sound.
    i’ll be very happy if you could help me

  3. Hi Michael do you have any workshops planned as I should verymuch like to get to grips with a jews harp I play mandolin and clawhammer banjo. I have just bought a cheap US made one and can only just get a sound out of it.

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