Islands of the North Atlantic
Jew’s Harp Association
IoNAJHA is set up to…
Promote the Jew’s harp in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales
Share information
Raise the standard of playing
Encourage research and its publication
Run workshops, events, occasional congress, conferences / festivals
Give talks
Produce an occasional newsletter

IoNAJHA is a non-fee (at the moment at least) group brought together to share information and ideas about the Jew’s harp in the UK and Ireland. Communication is mainly by email, though there are a few members where we keep in touch by post.

An occasional Newsletter pulls together the various correspondence received
(click on image for the full publication).


Anyone interested in the Jew’s harp of the UK & Ireland is welcome to contribute, whether resident or not.

The association is linked to the International Jew’s Harp Society and contributes regularly to their newsletter.



One response to “IoNAJHA

  1. Hello,looking for someone in cambridge area to play,share and enjoy this magical instrument.Lukas

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