YouTube Links

A number of members have asked for examples of playing from around the world. Now there are literally hundreds of YouTube Jew’s harp links, but here are a few I have chosen – also see ‘My Favourite YouTube’ in the new International Jew’s Harp Society Newsletter.

Spiridon Shishigin at 1st Moscow Jew’s harp Festival

John Wright, Svein Westad and Allan MacDonald

Munnharpefestivalen 2008, telegangar, Svein Westad munnharpe, Eva Lundberg, Arvid Sperrud, Jew’s harp, Norwegian folk music and dance

Leo Tadagawa playing the Chinese Jew’s harp (HoHo) at the Third Hungarian Jew’s Harp Festival, Kecskemét. Filmed by Luca Recupero

Airtist 2009 Sziget festival – Didgeridoo, beatbox, Jew’s harp trio

Lucy Wright at the Hungarian Jew’s Harp Festival

Ipercussonici – MURUROA official video

John and Michael Wright at 7th International Jew’s Harp Congress Festival 2011 Yakutsk

John Wright at the Norwegian Jew Harp Festival 2008

Sound for Health

Touchtone Duo – Deirdre Morgan & Aksenty Beskrovny – White Bear

Touchtone Duo – Stair Flight

Paulus, Mikuskovics, Janscha @ Russia 2011

Albin Paulus

Khomus player Fiodorova Natalia

Neptune playing Moorsing at the International Jews Harp Festival 2010


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