The Wright Family

The Wright Family is Lucy, Michael and David Wright, occasionally joined by John Wright. While they are known as Jew’s harp players, their interest is, in fact, in making good music, so have developed a varied programme using the different talents of all the members with fiddle, concertina, melodeon and epinette  along with their undoubted singing ability all combined to create a moody, often evocative sound.

Lucy Wright
Rapidly making a name for herself performing with ‘Pilgrims’ Way’ (Lucy, Tom Kitching and Edwin Beasant), Lucy was described by Maggie Boyle as “a wonderful young singer, possessed of one of the finest and most agile voices I ever heard”. She is also an accomplished Jew’s harp player, having performed in Europe and beyond. The first CD of ‘Pilgrims’ Way’ is due out at the end of April and for more information go to

Michael Wright
Often seen at festivals promoting the Jew’s harp to anyone interested, working with the family has also encouraged Michael to sings more. Now also performing with Dogan Mehmet and Matt Quinn, their first CD, is due out in June.

David Wright
The multi-talented musician of the group, David tends to sit more in the background, but his contribution is crucial to the musical blend. Although not considering himself as a lead vocalist, his singing helps create the three-part harmonies the family love to do.

John Wright
The inspiration of the rest of the family and a musician of international regard, John lives in France and so only joins the family on a few occasions. His artistry in performing Irish and Scottish music in particular, makes him one of the best players of the Jew’s harp in the world.

The Wright Family in Workshops
Working together they can not only teach relatively large groups, but to inspire musicians young and old to try out some of the dynamic uses of the Jew’s harp, whether for effect or creating an almost orchestral sound. At Whitby, 2010, they taught over 40 students and performed with 35 at the end of week Showcase.

For more information click on Talks and Workshops.


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